How to use SEO to Beat your Rivals

Online marketing is becoming a very popular way to increase brand awareness. Search Engine Optimisation allows businesses to rank higher in the search engines so that the potential customers start to associate their needs with the brand. This can make some businesses too aggressive in their marketing tactics and they may end up causing damage to healthy websites for ranking purposes. It is, therefore, important to follow these guidelines when carrying out any SEO in order to achieve rankings without causing damage to the webite itself;


Page content plays a crucial role in SEO. Google prefers websites with high quality content. It is important to continuously update your content as this shows it is an active site which is also important because updated content shows the website is more relevant. This is vital because as the search engine optimisation work begins to create a higher amount of traffic for the site, the relevancy and up to date content will work in conjunction and help to improve the click through rate. If consumers like the content, the site could possibly be referred, therefore, driving even more traffic to the site. High traffic is worth very little if conversion is low.


In order for a consumer to find what they are looking for, they may type in keywords of relevance in the search bar to find suitable products or services. Therefore, a relevant website would benefit greatly if it was ranked highly for these particular keywords. Creating content that is also relevant (also containing these keywords) will rank higher in the search engines as Google can then clearly see the relevance and is likely to favour the site over less relevant sites. Google Analytics allows you to track stats in relation to site visitors. These stats include useful information such as the keywords and phrases that consumers typed in before reaching your website. Information such as this can be very valuable when designing the content for the website as it can then be better applied to the most valuable keywords. However, keywords with higher search volumes will be more competitive and, therefore, will usually be more difficult to rank for.

Monitor and quickly adapt to SEO changes

The field of SEO is always evolving. It is crucial to monitor any current changes within the industry so that these can be quickly implemented in order to prevent damaging rankings. Staying ahead of any major changes will also help you gain a competitive advantage over other businesses that are competing to get to the top of the search engines. Google has been known to change its algorithms in the past; in late 2015, mobile updates affected a vast number of businesses as Google began to favour the mobile friendly websites over the non-mobile friendly websites and started to change rankings accordingly. Another mobile update had a similar affect in May 2016 which further demonstrates the high volatility of the Google algorithm.  

Monitor your competitions’ backlinks

The competitions’ backlinks will provide useful information that you can use to build a stronger and better link building strategy for your business. Majestic SEO is a tool that can help you to monitor backlinks used by your competitors. One of the best ways to use this tool is to look at the top ranked competitors and then see if they own any links that you do not have. For example, you may notice that they are a member of a professional body in relation to your niche. From this, you too can go and obtain this membership in order to gain a useful link back to your website. This will boost the trust of your website as Google can once again see relevancy between your business and the keywords you intend to target.

There are many other important points to consider when carrying out SEO to a website. However, the tips above are some of the key points to remember and will help you to take an effective first step. The links below will send you to a useful SEO company based in Manchester and provide you with more information on this exciting topic;

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